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Aaha Kalyanam

Aaha Kalyanam

Movie title : Aaha Kalyanam
Rating: 2.0
Release Date : February 21, 2014
Cast: Naani (as Shakti), Vani Kapoor (as Sruthi, aspiring wedding planner), Simran (as Chandralekha, Wedding planner)
Music : Dharan Kumar
Camera : L Srinivasan
Editor : Sreekumar

Direction : Gokul Krishna
Producer : Aditya Chopra
Banner : Yashraj Films

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie is about a business partnership relation between a girl and a young man. Sruthi (Vani Kapoor) is an aspiring wedding planner who joins with Chandralekha (Simran), a popular wedding planner in the city. Shakti (Nani) also joins Sruthi. But knowing the malpractices of Chandralekha, both Sruthi and Sakti walk out to start an own wedding planning company 'Getti Melam'. They grow very big in the business but their partnership suffers and they break up.

Movie Facts

  • The movie is a remake of Band Baja Barat


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