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A Film By Aravind

A Film By Aravind

Movie title : A Film By Aravind
Release Date : July 9, 2005
Cast: Rajiv Kanakala (as Aravind, film director), Rishi (as Rishi, film actor / hero), Mona Chopra, Ghazal Srinivas, Mallikharjuna Rao, Madhu (as housekeeper), Sara
Music : Vijay Kurakula
Dialouges : Surendra Krishna

Screenplay :Sekhar Suri
Lyrics: Surendra Krishna
Art : Varma
Photography : Ramesh Krishna
Presenter : KS Rama Rao
Direction : Sekhar Suri
Producer : Sridhar Rao
Banner : Sridhar Cinema

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Childhood friends Film Director Aravind (Rajiv Kanakala) and Hero Rishi (Rishi) have just completed two successive hit films and are in the search of a good script for their third movie.

They review various scripts sent by various story writers and Aravind finds one script to be interesting. However, that script was smudged with ink after 60th page (25th scene) and hence the director asks his assistant to locate the writer. He takes Rishi to discuss the script to his remote wooden guesthouse located few kilometers away from the city. However, he finds out that the scenes mentioned in the script turns true in real life.

By the time the duo reaches the farm house, many of the scenes come true and become enough to scare Aravind.

Aravind alerts Rishi that the incidents in the script are turning to be real but he dosen't give an ear until it is too late.


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